Harmful Chemicals to Look For In Your Hair Care Products

When it comes to your hair, you don’t mess around. You do everything that you can to care for it to ensure that it stays healthy. You’re so diligent about your hair care, that you visit your local barber shop at least twice a month. And why shouldn’t you? You appearance is important in many aspects of life, and taking care of yourself is important. In fact, when you take care of yourself well, your life has a lot more positivity to it. So as you work every day to keep your locks in good shape, we pose one question to you: Do you know what’s in your shampoo and conditioner?

If you can’t answer “yes,” to this question, then you can’t fully say that you do everything to care for your hair. Knowing what chemicals exist in your hair care products is important for taking care of your hair. Here are some known chemicals that can be found in shampoo and conditioner, that can be found on the label of many products.

Fragrances – Any fragrance of any type the doesn’t exist naturally in the ingredients can cause your hair to be fragile. The result? Hair that breaks and falls out from being too dry, and if you have a longer style hair cut, you’ll begin to see split ends.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine – No one said you have to pronounce this chemical, but it’s important that you can identify this chemical in products. This is a foaming agent that also causes your hair to dry out, but also has been known to cause dermatitis. Not only is it bad for your hair, but it’s bad for your scalp.

For more information on what chemicals to watch out for, stay tuned for our next blog. Consider visiting your local barbershop for a barber cut and for better quality hair care products.

Barbers: Our Modern Day Artists

Think Of Your Barber As A Modern Day Da VinciBarbershop Tools

Throughout the years of men’s fashion, we’ve seen many hairstyles come and go. From long hair to short hairstyles, the looks have certainly been diverse, but where do those styles come from? Who decides the coming trends? Well, the professionals that provide barber services are where they come from. Being a barber has gone from being simply a profession, to an art.

How are barbers considered  artists?

  • Many barbers have gotten so precise with their “lines,” that they have turned to creating designs in their client’s hair. Many professional athletes tend to go for these designs because it adds to their “swag,” on and off the court or field.
  • Hair shows showcase new styles, and barber artistry is more popular than ever.
  • The art of shaving has been around for years. Think of older movies like “Major League,” where Charlie Sheen’s character is nicknamed “Wild Thing,” and has a haircut that can still be recognized today. These days, we can see players like Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers, rocking personalized hair art in the actual majors.

Barbers are artists in more ways than one

When you think about it, creating a clean hair cut is an art form. Many people are capable of messing up such a meticulous task, but the Barbers at The Men’s Room are skilled craftsmen in the art of shaving and barber cuts. They also have a way of making you feel pampered. Your haircut and style is more than just a touch up. A fresh cut with clean lines is exactly what you need to step out into the world with confidence. A great barber will do this for you time and again.

Barbers are modern day artists.

Head to your Top Rated Local® barber shop today for a fresh barber cut, and keep up your style like a true gentleman would.

To schedule your men’s haircut with us, contact us today for an appointment.

How Barber Shops Are Making A Comeback


Shave And A Haircut

You might be thinking to yourself, man, I’ve really noticed a lot more men’s barber shops around town than there used to be.

You would actually be right, in fact, since 2012 Barbershops have seen nothing but continuous growth in demand, jobs, and most importantly revenue. But why is this? We think it’s safe to say barber shops are on the rise, as are societal expectations as well

Here are some reasons we think trends are changing

Millennials – Noticeably, at the forefront of just about every industry these days, we see more and more younger people with higher incomes than generations past, which means more expendable funds for things like highly professional personal care.

Class Is Trending –  Another reason for the barbershop comeback is the return of the “dashing gentleman.” For a long time now, men have been regarded as lazy in their appearance, having an easy morning routine on their way out to work. These days, women have a higher expectation for a man’s appearance than before. We have gentlemen like Leonardo DiCaprio and Neil Patrick Harris for their ability to “suit up,” to thank for that.

One Word, “Swag.” – The saying dress to impress extends much further than clothing, and any woman would know this. For men however, hair and facial hair haven’t always been on the grooming list when it comes to impression. That’s changed now, and having a fresh haircut has become a priority. Whether it’s for a full service shave with a faded haircut, or your run of the mill shave and a haircut, it’s necessary for looking your best. Sorry guys, caps and beanies no longer fly.

Obviously there are more reasons for rise of Barbershops, we just happen to know how important these reasons are. With that said, you’re probably due for a haircut, and maybe even a full service shave, so contact our barbers today for a men’s haircut today.

Look Fresh For The First Date


Lo and behold she said yes. You’ve finally gotten the chance to take the beautiful woman you see everyday on a date. With that being said, it’s time to prepare for your first date with her. Not only does this mean choosing a place to go and making reservations, it means that it’s time to get in shape. Maybe that means working out, but for us, it means you need to get lined up. Here is your checklist for getting everything together for your first date.


  • Make a Reservation – Call the restaurant that you desire, and reserve a table for the two of you. Ask for an area of the restaurant that’s somewhat private and dimly lit for a romantic experience.
  • Get A New Outfit – You can’t go on a date with a woman of high caliber and not dress well. We recommend black pants and a dress shirt to show her you not only care about your appearance, but that you care about your date with her.
  • Get a Shave and a Haircut – Your date is going to show up looking fabulous from head to toe. She’ll get her nails done, and maybe a hair cut of her own, so you owe it to her to shave and get a haircut. Dress to impress and show up looking clean!


If you’re about to go on a first date with a beautiful woman, you want to do everything in your power to impress her. With a new outfit and a fresh cut, you’re sure to do exactly that. Schedule a hair cut with your Top Rated Local® Barber shop and get ready for that date.


Benefits Of Having A Barber

As you go through life, making your day to day stops at the places you frequent, whether it’s your grocery store, or your local watering hole, one of the nicer things about having those regular spots is when they know your name and face. The same can be enjoyed at your local barber shop. There are many benefits to having a barber, but there are even more benefits to being a regular at your local barber shop. Here are the top three benefits of seeing a barber on a regular basis.


  1. They Know Who You Are – When you go in for your barber cuts, you’re getting somewhat of a pampering. A great aspect to feeling pampered is when the employees at the establishment know exactly who you are.
  2. They know what you like- Going to the same barber on a regular basis means they know exactly how to care for your hair. They’re aware of your preferences such as the temperature of your towel, or particularities of your haircut. It makes for a smooth experience.
  3. You’re always fresh – Getting your haircut regularly at a barber shop will keep your hair looking it’s best, and if the trends happen to change between your frequent haircuts, you won’t be left out of the know for long at all. You’ll always look fresh and up-to-date.

If you have yet to find a barber that fits all of your needs, or simply doesn’t pamper you the way you deserve, try calling The Men’s Room Barber Shop, to set up an appointment for a haircut.

Top Three Reasons to Use a Barber

For a lot of men, getting pampered is not exactly a priority. But every few weeks, a man is in need of a  haircut. Instead of just getting your run-of-the-mill men’s haircut, why not pamper yourself a little? Getting a haircut at a typical salon, while cheap, is not going to give you the treatment you deserve, and a quality haircut for men is not guaranteed. At a barbershop, you have stylists that are practiced in the art of shaving and men’s haircuts, rather than a stylist that mostly attends to women’s hair. Here are the top three reasons you should choose a barber over a hairstylist.

    1. You get pampered. Getting a full-service men’s haircut is a treat. They start you off with a hot towel around your neck and you also get a shoulder massage as a part of the service.
    2. They take care of all your hair. Not only do you get a men’s haircut tailored to your preferences, but you can get a beard trimming and even have your unpleasant neck and ear hair trimmed for you as well.
    3. It’s for Men. While a barbershop wouldn’t discriminate against women, they are meant to serve men. Barbers are skilled in creating looks for men and men’s haircuts overall. They know what looks good on men, and they know how to create hairstyles for men that are fresh and up-to-date.

There are multiple reasons to see a barber over a hairstylist. The skill they have in men’s haircuts and the overall pampering you receive while there are exactly why you should schedule a consultation with The Men’s Room Barber Shop. The initial consultation is free of charge so don’t hesitate any longer to get a men’s haircut with them today.


Start the New Year with a New, Men’s Hairstyle

It’s the start of a new year, and for many of us, we begin to find “the new me.” It’s a time of self discovery and improvement for many aspects of our health, appearance, and overall well-being. Some of us attempt new clothing styles, new lifestyles, such as eating healthier, and getting more exercise. So we join a gym, maybe hire a nutritionist, and get started on the road to an improved self. But doesn’t a healthier you deserve a better looking you? One way to do this is by switching up your hairstyle. So when you join a gym this new year, join a barbershop and start improving your look as well.


The best thing about going to a barber isn’t just the haircut. It’s the overall pampering your receive while you’re there. Not only do you get a fresh new men’s hairstyle, but you get treated to a shave as well. You also have the choice to get really creative with your new hairstyle. Barbers are trained in the art of hair and shave, and they are capable of creating a look for you that is not only fresh and looks great, but is uniquely styled for you. So when thinking about switching up your look this new year, give your baber the chance to create a hairstyle that is truly unique and truly new.


If you’re tired of the same hairstyles for men, one of the best things you can do is book an appointment with a barber. Whether you want a haircut or a beard trimming, The Men’s Room Barbershop can create a look for you that says, “new year, new me.”


Why You Need American Crew Firm Hold This Holiday Season

American Crew AlternatorThe holiday season is here and that means an endless string of social events are headed your way. Gathering with family and friends will fill your social calendar in the coming months. Be sure you are ready for all these festive gatherings by stocking up on American Crew Firm Hold styling gel. Here are three reasons it’s a must-have item for your holiday season:

  • It’s fast. You won’t need to spend any longer than necessary in front of the mirror getting ready for each party. Apply this styling gel to your hair and let it dry. You’ll have shiny, controlled hair that looks amazing and takes seconds to perfect.
  • It keeps you looking good. Those parties can go on and on and on…make sure your styling gel does, too. American Crew Firm Hold won’t dry out your scalp or flake, so you can rest assured that you are looking your best for all those holiday photos.
  • It’s good for your hair. Fortified with B5 vitamins, your hair will look thicker than ever thanks to this styling gel. And because it doesn’t dry out your hair, you won’t need to worry about brittle, dry locks.

Make your pre-party prep as easy as possible when you are getting ready! Stock up on American Crew Firm Hold at the Men’s Room Barbershop today. We can give you the cut and style you need and show you how to use American Crew Firm Hold styling gel to complete your look. Call us at 414-961-9019 or stop by our Oakland Avenue location in Milwaukee today!

American Crew At The Men’s Room Barber Shop

Hello, Milwaukee!


Are you looking for a great barbershop to get a haircut and purchase top of the line hair care products like American Crew Shampoo? I’m Chair 2 at The Men’s Room Barber Shop in Milwaukee. As the Cream City’s favorite hair care chair, it is incumbent upon me to tell you about the great look, service, and products you guys will get from The Men’s Room Barber Shop. We feature American Crew hair care products and use them on all our clients. With American Crew Shampoo, you can revitalize your hair and eradicate dry scalp.

We love to chat about hair care products on our blog, just like we like to share what is on the mind of our Brew Town customers. Here’s a question that we recently received and hear often.

Dear Barber Shop Experts,

I have a 15 year old son who is experiencing some flaking and caking from the hair gel he uses. As you might imagine, this is a very embarrassing thing for him as a young teenager. What type of hair care products can I get him, so he doesn’t have to constantly brush the flakes off the shoulder of his shirt? What can I get him to help turn this around?

Thank you for your kind help,

Unsure in Shorewood


Dear Unsure,

American Crew Firm Hold is great for styling men’s hair without flaking out their shirts. He can count on the Firm Hold to maintain his style all day and wash out completely that night or the next morning. With American Crew Firm Hold, he will not have that caking or build up that you see from other styling gels that leave residue on the scalp and hair follicles.

Thank you for writing in, and we are looking forward to seeing your son in the shop soon!


Men’s Room Barber Shop

American Crew Products at The Men’s Room

At The Men’s Room, we are proud of the fact that we can call ourselves the men’s hair style specialists of Milwaukee, when you specialize in just one thing, you tend to be great at it, and we are. Today lets talk about some of the American Crew products that we sell at the shop, because after you visit us and get your fresh cut, you will need some product for upkeep.

Now, if you are someone who thinks of hair product as unnecessary, or you feel that certain products make your hair unnecessarily shiny, keep in mind there is product out there that helps form your hair without making it blind people. Or, your only experience with hair product was that gloppy, sticky stuff that you tried in middle school that made your hair harder than concrete, and made you accidentally impale a soccer ball once.

As horrifying as the hair product in middle school was, it shouldn’t stop you from trying what is out there today. One of the Crew products we sell is called Fiber, (blue top) and it does two things, it firmly holds your hair in place and it also has no shine, making it look effortless. Gone are the days of shinier = firmer hold, try this product out and you will never buy another hair product.

Along with American Crew Fiber, we also sell American Crew Shampoo. The shampoo compliments the product well, and there are an array of shampoos that support fine or thicker hair.

Call us to schedule an appointment today!