Why Choose The Men’s Room Barber Shop

Why Choose The Men's Room Barber Shop

Why The Men’s Room Barbershop is What You Need

When it comes to choosing a barber shop to get your haircuts at there are typically three things you’re looking for.

  1. Great haircuts
  2. Great Customer Service
  3. Great Products

Why these three things? Well, they’re all what makes the experience. The Men’s Room Barbershop certainly ensures that you’ll get all three of these things with your men’s haircut. In addition to these three outstanding factors, there’s one more thing to be considered: our unique approach to men’s haircuts. You see, The Men’s Room Barbershop has created an experience like no other when it comes to getting a barber cut. We provide our customers with a sanctuary for masculinity. Almost every spa is made for a more feminine experience, nearly ousting a large portion of the population that too loves to treat themselves and maintain a sexy appearance. So what is it you can really expect from our barbershop? Take a look at our list:

Our Barbershop Service Menu

  • Barber Consultation
  • Full Service Haircuts
  • Boy’s Haircuts
  • Straight Razor Wet Shave
  • Scalp Massage with Deep Conditioning Treatment
  • Color Services
  • Complimentary Neck Trim/Beard Trim
  • Neck, Beard or Goatee Trim (separate)
  • Dermalogica
  • Hair Loss treatments

CTA 1 We promise to deliver a men’s haircut or anyone of our other services with the utmost of professionalism. Applying both skill and attention to detail with your haircut, you can rest assured you’ll leave feeling great about the way you look. Our barbershop not only provides great services, we provide great products. We are a dealer of American Crew hair products and we use them exclusively in our shop. They’re high quality and will most certainly contribute to the final product that is your fine looking men’s haircut. If you’ve ever wondered why you should choose the Men’s Room Barbershop, you now know. Don’t hesitate to book your appointment today.

The Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Why You Should Shower in Cold Water

Oftentimes, when we think of taking a shower, we typically think of the hot steamy water that not only kills germs but soothes our bodies. If you’re like us, we could sit in the warmth of the shower forever, especially is it meant our skin never got soggy. However, while taking hot showers sounds amazing, there’s actually a different type of shower that offers quite a bit more, cold showers.

You heard it right, cold showers. Now to some, a cold shower sounds like a personal hell, whereas others prefer it. Whether you prefer cold showers or you’re more interested in the typical cozy hotness of a steaming hot shower, the benefits of a cold shower are undeniable. Here’s a look at the top benefits of showering in the cold.

Cold Showers Reduce Stress

While the thought of taking a cold shower might stress you out, they’re actually known to calm you down. They lower levels of uric acid and boost levels of glutathione in your blood.

Stimulate Weight Loss

Say what? You mean I can burn some fat while standing in a cold shower? Yes, it’s true. Cold showers tend to activate the brown fat in your body (good fat) as its main purpose is to keep you warm and generate heat. According to a study done by the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School, cold water increases brown fat by 15 times the usual amount.

It Improves Your Hair

Taking an ice cold shower helps prevent too many natural oils from being lost from your hair. Not only does this make your hair stronger, but it will be healthier overall. The results is shiny, silky-smooth locks that won’t quit.

If taking a cold shower doesn’t sound like your thing but you still want those shiny, smooth locks, come visit our barbershop for a men’s haircut. We’ll wash your hair with warm water so you can enjoy your barber cut with us. Call for an appointment today.



Did You Know? Facts About Barbers!

Interesting Facts About Barbering

The idea of the barbershop has come a long way. When you think of a barbershop, you may think of a place that offers men a place to treat themselves to a little pampering and you would be right. But barbershops didn’t start out that way. Barbers have a long history; in fact, it’s one of the oldest professions. In ancient Egypt, you can find paintings of barbers cutting hair. Among that interesting fact, here are some other ones you’ll be surprised to learn about.

Where Does the Word Barber Come From?Barber actually comes

Barber actually comes from the latin word “barba” which means beard. Throughout the ages, many different religions and cultures considered beards as a sign of strength, wisdom, virility and high social status.

How Has Barbering Progressed?

During the Golden ages in Greece (500 B.C.-300 B.C.), barbering became an art, rather than just a job. When barbershops gained popularity, they became the center for intellectual conversation as well as gossip. This is one trend that has rung true since this time in history.

When Did Barber Chairs Come About?

In 1850, just around the Civil War era, a barber chair was introduced with high seating, a footrest, and was upholstered. In 1878, the first reclining barber chair was introduced by the Archer Company of Saint Louis. Barbershops have come a long way, yet some traditions hold true. The straight edge beard trim is still a placeholder and barbering being an art is also still true. Barbershops are also still a platform for conversation among peers as well. Come learn about the art of shaving and barbering by scheduling a barber cut with The Men’s Room Barbershop today!

Spring Has Sprung!

Time to Shed Your Lumberjack Look

The time has come for warmer weather and longer days of sunshine!

Spring is finally here, which means the dead days of winter are behind us for now. Over the colder seasons, you might have defaulted to more a lumberjack look with long hair and a beard. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a perfect look for that time of year and on top of that it keeps your head and face warm on colder days.

Now that the snow has melted and the flowers are blossoming, we think it’s time you donned a new look by trimming that beard and getting a men’s haircut. Here’s why.

With the warmer weather returning, more events and barbecues are coming back as well. The time for cozy weekends indoors are over and getting outside and grilling is the new way to spend your time. You want to make sure that you’re looking your best when you’re invited to a sunday barbecue with friends and family.

On top of that, should we mention that wedding season is in full swing? The lumberjack is great for winter, but you want to be looking your absolute best when you show up to the biggest day of your best friend’s life. Make sure you’re rocking a clean look when you show up to the many weddings you’re headed to this spring and summer. You can call it shedding for the wedding and make it a fun transformation.

If you got used to a bearded look with long hair over the winter, it’s time to make an appointment with your favorite barber. We’re ready to help you look your best for the warmer weather and weddings so schedule an appointment with our barber. We’ll give you more than a haircut, our barbershop will provide you with an experience. Call today.

History of The Barber

Barbershops have long been a great place for men to go and enjoy getting pampered. Oftentimes, salons are geared more for women, so it can be a bit emasculating for men to get a haircut, when really, it should be a relaxing experience.

Overtime, Barber Shops have always held a place in our society, and it dates back to 5,000 B.C.

6,000 years ago, barber cuts were performed by Egyptian Nobility, using sharpened oyster shells and sharpened flint. We’ve certainly come a long way since the old days of using shells to cut hair.

Fast forward to 900 B.C

During the middle ages barbers did more than cut hair and shave. They also dressed wounds and performed surgical operations and were referred to as barber-surgeons. In 1096 B.C. the barber-surgeons formed their first organization in France, and in the 14th century barbers and surgeons separated their professions. Thank goodness they did. In 1450, they made this separation official by stating that no one performing a surgery could practice barbering at that time, and vice-versa. However, barbers were still allowed to pull teeth. Then in 1745, a bill was passed that completely separated the two professions all together.

The famous barber pole that we identify with the profession was used to represent that barbers that were once barber-surgeons. The red on the pole represents blood, the white for bandages, and the blue for veins.
When it comes to the history of barbers, there is so much more to learn, but in the meantime, why not visit your local barbershop for a men’s haircut. You can give them a little history lesson and thank them for cutting your hair and nothing else! Stay tuned to our next blog to learn even more about barbershop history.

What Happens With a Good Haircut

Haircut Happenings

Getting a haircut feels good. It also looks good, and it’s one of the better ways to treat yourself. But on top of looking and feeling good, there are some other things that can happen with a good haircut. Here are some of the things to be prepared for when you get your hair cut by a professional barber.

People Notice You

Are you used to staying under the radar? If so, then it’s time you got used to getting some attention. It’s important to be prepared for this as the added attention can be overwhelming.

People Take You Seriously

When you wear a hat every day, you’re not only downplaying your already great features, but you don’t look like you’re ready to handle business. We know that you’re a hard worker, but your hat does you no justice. Take your hat off and get your haircut at a barber shop. It’s one of the best ways to start gaining respect now.

You Feel Better

It’s simple science really. When you look great, you feel great, and when you feel great, you can perform great. The good feeling you get from a haircut lingers on every day that you get to rock your haircut.

You Get Hit On More

Women love a well-kept man. Think about it. Women are all about the man with a trimmed beard, suave-looking haircut and well-tailored suit. It’s the new age, and it’s time to get caught up. If you have a woman in your life, pay attention to the added affection you’re getting from her. It could be from the love she already had for you, but we think it’s the hair.

You Make New Friends

It’s true. When you look like a more approachable person, friends come flocking to you. Not to mention the fact that everyone wants to be friends with “the cool guy.”

If you weren’t thinking of getting haircut before you are now. You know you want all these positive things to come to you, and by simply visiting your barber, you can ensure that all of these things will come your way. Call our barber shop to get your haircut and look your best.


New Year, New Style


The New Year Welcomes Your New Haircut

It’s 2017, and with the new year comes new styles, new trends, and most importantly a new opportunity. Each of us sets out to make new resolutions to make the most of the coming year, as well as to set the tone for making the self-improvements we most want to see.

You can go to the gym, you can start eating healthier. You can seek self-help and you can set goals, and if you’re like many others, these goals will not come to fruition, that is unless you start off on the right foot. One of the best ways to get started with your resolutions for the new year is by taking a dramatic step in the right direction, and one way to do this is with a new men’s haircut style.

What Can a New Haircut Do for You?

A resolution is about you taking a look at yourself and deciding you need a change, so why not start with minor aspects of your appearance. Switch up your style and your dedication to your hygiene by scheduling a men’s haircut at your local barber. Take a shot at something new, and fulfill another resolution: to step outside of your comfort zone.

Getting a frequent barber cut and close blade shave will not only set the tone for a healthier appearance, but it will help you feel better and gain more confidence. Take the first step into the new year with a men’s haircut from The Men’s Room Barbershop. You’ll be glad you did.


Time to Get Trimmed Up For the Holidays


Look Good This Christmas

The Christmas season is here and with the cheerful season comes celebration, family time, and holiday extravaganzas. Between your close groups of friends, your family, and your co-workers, the amount of Christmas parties you have to attend this month are abundant. Oftentimes, holiday parties aren’t exactly casual and it’s important you look your best. Here are the top three reasons you need to get a barber cut for the coming holiday season.

Christmas Parties with Friends and Co-Workers

As we said before, these events aren’t casual for the most part. Make sure you’re looking clean-cut while wearing your Sunday best. A nice shave and men’s haircut to go with your suit will ensure you’re the best-looking person at the party.

Going Home for the Holidays

If you’re planning on heading to mom and dad’s, it’s best you spare yourself some criticism from your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles by looking your best on Christmas day. That way, they can’t blame your appearance for you not having a found a nice girl yet.

Ringing in the New Year

Every year on New Year’s Eve, you set up a great plan for you and your friends to celebrate the end of a great year, and the beginning of a new one. You wouldn’t want to step out on New Year’s Eve feeling underdressed because your hair and beard are overgrown would you? Be sure to get your men’s haircut and straight razor shave with a professional barber before you head out on New Year’s Eve.

Don’t get stuck feeling underdressed and slobbish when your arrive to your holiday parties this season. Schedule your men’s haircut with The Men’s Room Barbershop and arrive clean cut and in style at every event you attend.


No Shave November


No-Shave November

Oh, the ever famous “No-Shave November”. If you’re not familiar with the month, it’s the time of year where men decide that for the entire month of November they forego one of the most important aspects of their hygiene. That’s right, no shaving or trimming your beard or mustache for the entire month. Our question is why?

It’s for a Good Cause

Every year during the month of November, the idea is to save money on the products you use for your hair and facial hair. Whether that’s hair gel, wax for your mustache, haircuts or beard trimmings, the money you would normally spend on those products and services are to go to an organization like the Amerian Cancer Society.

How Does it Work?

For 30 days during November, you stop shaving, trimming, getting haircuts or maintaining your hair for the entire month. This means you stop spending money on your products as well as your hair care services. With that money, you donate to a cancer foundation of your choice. Since you’re not using that money, why not donate it to a great cause? Beyond that, when people that know and love you stop to ask why you’re so hairy and unkempt, you can tell them all about the cause you’ve joined. Not only will the rescind their judgment, but they’ll also give you give you props for being such a good guy. You might look rough, but you’re raising awareness about a cause that others can easily join as well.

What About My Job?

If you work somewhere that requires you to look put together that’s perfectly okay. You can opt to trim up throughout the month with your own tools, while still saving that money you would normally spend at the barber. You’re welcome to participate as much as you would like and when the month is over, treat yourself to a haircut at the Men’s Room Barbershop. Our barber cuts will bring back the style you were missing all of November, though, we think donating to a great cause is pretty stylish too.

If you w0uld like to know more about No-Shave November follow this link.

Date Night Hair Styling Tips

Date Night Hair Styling Tips

Alright guys, let’s be honest, your hair care regimen is certainly less demanding than your girlfriends is. While you get more haircuts  and use more hair gel than she does, the effort you have to put in on a daily basis is minimal. Now, that’s not to say that your efforts aren’t worthy of praise, because they certainly are, however, when it comes to date night with your fine lady, why not put in a little more effort than usual? Here are some tips to make your hair a little more fine tuned than usual.

Sexy Hair On Date Night

  • Condition Your Hair – If you don’t typically condition your hair then tonight is the night. At some point during date night, your lady is going to want to run her fingers through your hair, why not make it extra soft and silky this time?
  • Style It – If you’re used to slapping a hat on your head, or simply love rocking the bedhead style, why not do it up with a classic wave? Style your hair for date night, you know your date will, so don’t show up dressed down.
  • Lock It In – If you’re not used to using hair spray then try it out. Lock in that style that you’ve worked for all night and battle the sure-to-come cowlicks.
  • Scent It – Spray on a modest layer of cologne in your hair to give it an extra-sexy boost of smell good. You wouldn’t want her to lean in for a hug with hair that smells like unscented hair spray right?

Follow these hair care tips for your date night and she’ll surely notice, and if you’re in need of a men’s haircut for the night, leave it all to our barbers and they’ll take care of business. Call us or walk in for a men’s haircut at the Men’s Room Barbershop and prepare for a successful date.