The Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

Why You Should Shower in Cold Water

Oftentimes, when we think of taking a shower, we typically think of the hot steamy water that not only kills germs but soothes our bodies. If you’re like us, we could sit in the warmth of the shower forever, especially is it meant our skin never got soggy. However, while taking hot showers sounds amazing, there’s actually a different type of shower that offers quite a bit more, cold showers.

You heard it right, cold showers. Now to some, a cold shower sounds like a personal hell, whereas others prefer it. Whether you prefer cold showers or you’re more interested in the typical cozy hotness of a steaming hot shower, the benefits of a cold shower are undeniable. Here’s a look at the top benefits of showering in the cold.

Cold Showers Reduce Stress

While the thought of taking a cold shower might stress you out, they’re actually known to calm you down. They lower levels of uric acid and boost levels of glutathione in your blood.

Stimulate Weight Loss

Say what? You mean I can burn some fat while standing in a cold shower? Yes, it’s true. Cold showers tend to activate the brown fat in your body (good fat) as its main purpose is to keep you warm and generate heat. According to a study done by the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard Medical School, cold water increases brown fat by 15 times the usual amount.

It Improves Your Hair

Taking an ice cold shower helps prevent too many natural oils from being lost from your hair. Not only does this make your hair stronger, but it will be healthier overall. The results is shiny, silky-smooth locks that won’t quit.

If taking a cold shower doesn’t sound like your thing but you still want those shiny, smooth locks, come visit our barbershop for a men’s haircut. We’ll wash your hair with warm water so you can enjoy your barber cut with us. Call for an appointment today.




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