Did You Know? Facts About Barbers!

Interesting Facts About Barbering

The idea of the barbershop has come a long way. When you think of a barbershop, you may think of a place that offers men a place to treat themselves to a little pampering and you would be right. But barbershops didn’t start out that way. Barbers have a long history; in fact, it’s one of the oldest professions. In ancient Egypt, you can find paintings of barbers cutting hair. Among that interesting fact, here are some other ones you’ll be surprised to learn about.

Where Does the Word Barber Come From?Barber actually comes

Barber actually comes from the latin word “barba” which means beard. Throughout the ages, many different religions and cultures considered beards as a sign of strength, wisdom, virility and high social status.

How Has Barbering Progressed?

During the Golden ages in Greece (500 B.C.-300 B.C.), barbering became an art, rather than just a job. When barbershops gained popularity, they became the center for intellectual conversation as well as gossip. This is one trend that has rung true since this time in history.

When Did Barber Chairs Come About?

In 1850, just around the Civil War era, a barber chair was introduced with high seating, a footrest, and was upholstered. In 1878, the first reclining barber chair was introduced by the Archer Company of Saint Louis. Barbershops have come a long way, yet some traditions hold true. The straight edge beard trim is still a placeholder and barbering being an art is also still true. Barbershops are also still a platform for conversation among peers as well. Come learn about the art of shaving and barbering by scheduling a barber cut with The Men’s Room Barbershop today!


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