What’s In Your Hair Care Products?

Take a look at all the labels of the hair care products you use. Whether it’s your shampoo, conditioner, your hair gel or hairspray, read the label. Recognize any of those ingredients? Our guess is probably not, which is precisely why we are going to educate you on the types of chemicals that can be found in hair care products. Knowing how to identify the names on your labels will help you to make better choices in which products you use on your hair. You’ll notice in our last blog we covered fragrances and the foaming agent called Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Here are a few more chemicals to learn to identify when choosing your hair care products.

  • Triclosan – Oddly enough the chemical receives only a moderate hazard rating. However, this chemical can cause serious harm to us, as this chemical can begin to accumulate in our fat cells and cause toxicity levels in our body to raise, and remain and a high level.
  • Potassium Sorbate – This is another chemical found in hair care products. It is another toxin that can build up in our bodies if overused.
  • Alcohols – Depending on the type of alcohol, it can actually be healthy for your hair. A good tip to remember is that the alcohols that have “C,” or “S,” in the name is good for your hair, as they act as natural oils. Other alcohols such as isopropyl or propanol can be bad for your hair, causing damage and breakage. If you already have dry hair, you should avoid these chemicals at all costs.

Taking care of your hair is an effort that requires more than a barber cut. However, visiting your barber shop for hair treatments and regular cuts are two of the best ways to keep your hair happy and healthy.


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