How To Deal With Cowlicks

Haircuts and Cowlicks

Imagine this: You’ve just stepped out of the shower. You dry yourself and you look outside to a beautiful day. You feel great on what seems like a great day when you begin to style your hair, when suddenly, it happens. Your hair won’t sit right and you spend the next ten minutes trying to figure out how to beat one of the worst things to happen to hair, your cowlicks.

You don’t spend time and money on men’s haircuts just to have your hair look bad, so what are you to do? You have less time now and your hair’s a mess and you begin to panic. Don’t worry, our barber shop has a solution.

Here are some ways to help you beat that pesky cowlick and step out of the house with the dignity you woke up with.

  1. Try re-washing the Area – If your hair isn’t still wet from the shower, wet it down and wash the area with a small bit of shampoo once more. Massage the area in the way that you want it to rest.
  2. Apply a strong hold styling product – Take a strong holding product to the cowlick such as a hair glue and comb it  in the direction you desire it to sit.
  3. Clip the hair down – Use a clip to hold the direction of the hair in place so that it doesn’t continue to pull back up.
  4. Blow dry the hair – With the product and clip in place, take your hair dryer on medium heat on the highest blowing setting. This will help to actually style it in the way that you desire.
  5. Hair Spray – The final step to deal with this cowlick is to blast it with the strongest hold of hair spray that you own.

We’ve all dealt with a pesky cowlick before, however, they are usually a sign that you’re in need of a hair cut. If taking all these steps to get the perfect men’s hairstyle doesn’t work, then it’s time to schedule a men’s haircut and chop it all off.

Contact The Men’s Room Barber Shop in Milwaukee and beat cowlicks forever.



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