Harmful Chemicals to Look For In Your Hair Care Products

When it comes to your hair, you don’t mess around. You do everything that you can to care for it to ensure that it stays healthy. You’re so diligent about your hair care, that you visit your local barber shop at least twice a month. And why shouldn’t you? You appearance is important in many aspects of life, and taking care of yourself is important. In fact, when you take care of yourself well, your life has a lot more positivity to it. So as you work every day to keep your locks in good shape, we pose one question to you: Do you know what’s in your shampoo and conditioner?

If you can’t answer “yes,” to this question, then you can’t fully say that you do everything to care for your hair. Knowing what chemicals exist in your hair care products is important for taking care of your hair. Here are some known chemicals that can be found in shampoo and conditioner, that can be found on the label of many products.

Fragrances – Any fragrance of any type the doesn’t exist naturally in the ingredients can cause your hair to be fragile. The result? Hair that breaks and falls out from being too dry, and if you have a longer style hair cut, you’ll begin to see split ends.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine – No one said you have to pronounce this chemical, but it’s important that you can identify this chemical in products. This is a foaming agent that also causes your hair to dry out, but also has been known to cause dermatitis. Not only is it bad for your hair, but it’s bad for your scalp.

For more information on what chemicals to watch out for, stay tuned for our next blog. Consider visiting your local barbershop for a barber cut and for better quality hair care products.


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