Barbers: Our Modern Day Artists

Think Of Your Barber As A Modern Day Da VinciBarbershop Tools

Throughout the years of men’s fashion, we’ve seen many hairstyles come and go. From long hair to short hairstyles, the looks have certainly been diverse, but where do those styles come from? Who decides the coming trends? Well, the professionals that provide barber services are where they come from. Being a barber has gone from being simply a profession, to an art.

How are barbers considered  artists?

  • Many barbers have gotten so precise with their “lines,” that they have turned to creating designs in their client’s hair. Many professional athletes tend to go for these designs because it adds to their “swag,” on and off the court or field.
  • Hair shows showcase new styles, and barber artistry is more popular than ever.
  • The art of shaving has been around for years. Think of older movies like “Major League,” where Charlie Sheen’s character is nicknamed “Wild Thing,” and has a haircut that can still be recognized today. These days, we can see players like Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers, rocking personalized hair art in the actual majors.

Barbers are artists in more ways than one

When you think about it, creating a clean hair cut is an art form. Many people are capable of messing up such a meticulous task, but the Barbers at The Men’s Room are skilled craftsmen in the art of shaving and barber cuts. They also have a way of making you feel pampered. Your haircut and style is more than just a touch up. A fresh cut with clean lines is exactly what you need to step out into the world with confidence. A great barber will do this for you time and again.

Barbers are modern day artists.

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  1. Gregory Willard

    I’ve only been to a barber shop once, and it was a very interesting place. It’s interesting that Barbers are starting to be considered artists. I think that it’s very cool that they are becoming more precise with their lines, and making designs with them.


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