American Crew: Fiber vs. Pomade

American Crew:  Fiber vs. Pomade

This is one of the most asked questions we get:  “What is the difference between American Crew Fiber and American Crew Pomade”

They’re both a pliable product, meaning unlike say a firm hold gel, they will stay pliable in the hair & not “stiff”.  Both wash out easily & have been Crew staples since day one, but they do differ as a styling product.

American Crew pomadeAmerican Crew Pomade:

Want the Elvis look?  This is the product for you.  Medium hold with high shine.  A great alternative to styling gels as it won’t get “crunchy” or flake.  Tip:  use American Crew Grooming Spray as a finishing spray to boost/extend the holding power of almost any other styling product.


American Crew FiberAmerican Crew Fiber:

High hold with low shine.  Recommended for shorter, contemporary styles, with a low, natural shine and a strong pliable hold.  Provides fullness to the hair.


Bottom line:  Pomade will give you high shine & medium hold, Fiber gives you low shine and high hold.  American Crew has many styling options, let us know exactly what you are looking for via the Contact Form & we will reply with our recommendations!



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